Our Services

Make use of our services to achieve your real estate dream 

Our Services

Make use of our services to achieve your real estate dream 

Our Mission

Home & House‘s mission is to create awareness that there is more than just buying and selling in real estate. As Singaporeans, we are privileged enough to be able to accumulate our wealth through properties by having a systematic and clear roadmap.

No matter which stage of your life you are now, our Wealth Creation roadmap includes step-by-step actions for you to achieve your end goal (financial and lifestyle goals).

Call us up for a coffee session to understand how you can benefit from the consultation. With determination, it is not difficult to achieve your desired lifestyle for you and your loved one, provided you take action immediately.

Our Services

Home and House Our Services

Wealth Creation is a roadmap that is unique to individuals. It helps to envision the steps that will lead you to fulfill your end goal, for example, a better retirement lifestyle. The earlier you start our wealth creation roadmap, the more benefit you reap from the end result.

Upgrading or downgrading property is always a big decision as it will affect your family and quality of life. 

A simple mistake on the timeline during the process of upgrading or downgrading can make you homeless for weeks or even months.

Buying and Selling are both basic and core services for all real estate agents.

At Home & House, we have a whole range of methods, to promote your property.

Rest assured that our consultants will ensure the process is smooth and hassle-free.

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